First Great Lesson

Here are key resources for the Montessori First Great Lesson.  This is appropriate for children in the 2nd plane of development which typically runs from ages 6-12.


General Overview of All Great Lessons

Overview of All Great Lessons Highlighting Areas Studied


Video Presentation of God With No Hands (Original Version)

Full God With No Hands Script as Told By Mario Montessori

Video Presentation of Coming of the Universe (Secularized from Original)
Full Coming of the Universe Script (Secularized from Original)


Miss Barbara's Great Lesson Resource Page

Free Printable Impressionist Charts for First Great Lesson

Tips and Tricks
Tips on How to Tell the Story

An Excellent Breakdown of The Great Lessons and Religion

Dairies and Journals

We Don't Need No Education - Homeschooling Family from a Creation Perspective

What Did We Do All Day - Homeschooling Family Using Original Version

Making Montessori Ours - Homeschooling Family Using Coming of the Universe Version - Combined First and Second Lesson


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